Write anything and everything. Just write it down.

I don’t care if I am a good writer or a bad writer but I enjoy writing and if you ask me, that is enough.



If you are an avid reader of this blog you will know that Cupcakemummy and I have just written a short story. Well not too short, but we wrote it. Every word came from us. It is a fabulous feeling knowing the story picked up a fan or two along the way and even if no one read it, we still wrote it.

I will not claim to be a fabulous word-smith but I am a writer.

I am proud of the content of this blog. Even the badly written content. It is my own and that is enough for me.

“Please do it your own way.
Do it in the mornings when your mind is cold
Do it in the evenings when everything is sold.
Do it in the springtime when springtime isn’t there
Do it in the winter
We know winter well
Do it on very hot days
Try doing it in hell.
Trade bed for a pencil
Trade sorrow for a page
No work it out your own way
Have good luck at your age.”
Ernest Hemingway, 88 Poems

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