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Greenlydia - A South African Travel blog

Working with me and PR inquiries: 

I am always open to testing a product and/or service relating to my niche (Lifestyle/Travel). Please email me on Lydia@greenlydia.co.za for a courier approved address.

Should you want me to EAT at your establishment: 

I don’t particularly enjoy eating alone and would like an invite to bring a partner if it were to be possible. I also am a firm believer in paying for something I enjoy. Should you wish to gift me with a voucher of any kind I would, of course, disclose this in the post pertaining to the visit.

Should you want me to STAY at your accommodation: 

No one likes staying alone and I would very much like to bring my partner with me. I am happy to review all kinds of accommodation. Campsites to hostels to hotels. I am the average traveler after all.

Should you want my attendance at an EVENT: 

I do have a full-time job and would appreciate ample notice to attend events.

I will disclose all partnerships and/or sponsorships and I hold the right to refuse publication should the event/product/food/drink not be to my liking. I will give honest and open feedback to the client before any publication.