We went to Sutherland…and saw a DVD.

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This year we decided to divide our drive down from Joburg to Cape town in two and spend one night in Sutherland. The plan was to go to a night tour of SALT and stargaze.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Oscar and I took turns driving. When we reached Richmond we typed in the address of the Guesthouse in Sutherland we were spending the night at into Google Maps and the very proper GPS lady told us to take a right…onto a dirt road.  So we took a right.

Turns out this was a 100km dirt road. But about half way in, when we realised this we were already committed so we carried on.



After driving through Loxton (famous for an alien sighting), Fraserberg and then another 30min on a 3rd dirt road we reached Sutherland. A small, dusty Karroo town. It was perfection. We instantly liked the little town, only the main road was tarred and the bank is attached to someones house.

We stayed in a lovely b&b, Kambrokind. 10/10 recommend them if you are planning on visiting Sutherland.

Then it started raining. In December. In the Karroo.

Very thankful for the rain, but very bummed that we came all this way for nothing we headed to SALT anyway. We figured that maybe we will still get to see the telescope or facility. Nope. When it is overcast or too humid they lead you into a library and put on a dvd of the Hubble Telescope. Albeit interesting, not quite what I had in mind.

Plan your trips carefully folks. Dry evenings are the best for stargazing.

That said it was a fun detour and we will definitely be back to see the stars on a clear night.



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