Welcome to the 90’s Mr Banks.

Holy balls weddings are expensive. No I mean like really expensive. Pretty sure I could buy an organ for this amount of money.

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Last week Oscar and I sat down and put together a budget.  We laid out all the costs and even put together a guest list for us to be able to work with an actual head count. Scary stuff. I knew it was pricy to tie the knot but never knew it was THIS pricy. Its flowers for gods sake. They need a bit of water and sunlight to grow. WHY DO THEY COST SO MUCH? (No I am not talking about strange flowers or “out of season although they grow it in a greenhouse” flowers. Regular normal flowers)

Another thing I am cringing about is a wedding video. Oscar insists on having one and I am DREADING being on any type of camera. Who watches it anyway?  But I think Oscar will win this argument. I will wine on something else.

Not to mention all these random hidden costs. Like paying for waiters. Or gifts for your wedding party.  They all add up.

I can’t help but have Father of the bride flash backs. I GET IT Steve Martin. I get why you fell into the in-laws pool. I get why you nearly fainted at the sight of the cost of a cake. Mostly I get why you freaked out about paying for excess hot dog buns. It all makes sense now Steve. I feel you.


Our budget is still on paper. I will type it out tonight and cry and drink. And then be ridiculously happy BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!

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Ps. If you are one of the fortunate few who have parents who helped/will help/can help pay for your big day, shut your privileged face 🙂




  • mishaconradie

    I feel you honey. I’m pretty sure I’ll be paying for my wedding by myself too and I may have to donate a kidney to do so 😛

    February 4, 2014 - 9:51 am Reply

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