Weekend well spent.

I’m no everyday vlogger but I thought this weekend was one to remember. Not because we did anything spectacularly unusual like that time we went to a “queer” photography exhibition opening and were the only straight people there(it really happened) or that day we got lost on the way to Harties and had really bad chicken pies at “the home of the chicken pie”.

It wasn’t that kind of weekend but it was one filled with laughter. We had a good time the WHOLE time.

Friday evening was the usual dinner with the boys. As we do every Friday. The conversation always goes to the gutter, but hey I have dinner with 4 men every Friday. I am immune to it by now.

We laughed. It was good after the week I had.

On Saturday Oscar went off to the boys house to finish tilling their stoep. Yes. My banker, tiles.

I spent the day napping until midday and then cleaned the house from top to bottom. I love cleaning. Its good for the soul. It must be, you just feel better when everything is cleaning.


After scrubbing and vacuuming I scrubbed myself and primped and got ready to go to movies.

We went to watch Catching fire (Hunger Games second instalment) JUST so you know I am the BIGGEST Hunger Games fan. LOVED the books. Think I have read them maybe 3 times.



After the movies we (10:30pm) we wanted coffee, but nothing, of course, was open.  Oscar googled the closest Newscafe and off we went through the dodgiest bits of the South in search for coffee. (We decided to watch this movie close to a friend of ours, about 30km away from where we know where to find coffee) We found a Newscafe and felt SO OLD. I mean, I was Saturday night. What were we thinking. There were drunk lesbians EVERYWHERE! Sucking face at every table, dancing like Miley when she knows everyone is watching. Got me thinking. Do all girls go Katy Perry when sipping Smirnoff through straws or did we just happen to stumble upon the biggest lesbian party in the South.

Never the less we had our coffees and laughed like drunks. Just after midnight we headed home like good old folks.

Sunday we slept late. HEAVEN. Went shopping for bedding and headed to the Botanicals Gardens

It was a dear friends birthday and we spent the day veg’ing under trees and playing Frisbee and eating awesome goodies from Woolies. It was one of those days when you leave your phone in your handbag and enjoy the day with the people you love, you know. I didn’t take more than maybe 5 photos although the gardens were magnificent enough to demand thousands of pictures.


It wasn’t one of the weekends that I will remember every detail forever. But I went to bed with a smile.

Its ok to put your phone away. To miss taking a few Instagrams and just have FUN.



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