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Confessions time, by “average traveler” I mean bad. I am a bad traveler. In the sense that I am the person who packs and hour before a flight, does laundry the night before a road trip and ALWAYS forgets something at home.

I am headed to Nelspruit for a few nights and as busy as work (and fun and exciting bloggy projects) is/are at the moment I am thrilled to be able to work with a new view and breath some less smoggy air for a short break.

I am trying to be a better traveler and I am adding a check list of things to do around the house before we pack up and leave it for a few days. Basic things. Things I am sure you forget about too.

In no particular order:

Turn your geyser off – You aren’t there so no need to waste electricity and have your geyser on. PRO TIP – Remember to put it back on when you get back or the next morning you will wake your neighbours with you screams of ice cold torture

Outside lights on – Keep your yard well lit when you are away, it helps your neighbours keep a good eye on it.

Leave some inside lights on – Gives the illusion someone is home.

Take out the trash – Empty you inside bins and just put it outside in whatever area you place your trash in. You never know if there is something inside that can stink up the house while you are gone.

Switch off your gas lines/stove – Look these things are super safe, but you never know when something might cause a leak. Just close your canisters and flick the switch off at the mains to be on the safe side.

Make sure the back door is locked – If you are like me and you did laundry the night before, chances are something was drying on the washing line before you left. Make sure you door is locked and all is safe.

Grab a warm hoodie for the car ride РAircons get cold and when your travel partner likes it at a different temperature you will probably need something warm some time during the ride. PRO TIP Рwhy not keep this hoodie in the car to throw on when you need it. 





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