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My lack of posts these past few weeks have been due to the craziest year (well actually the whole year) ever. I have never blogged on a schedule per se (God knows I have tried) but what I have been doing has always seemed to work for me so why bother right?

Here are a few updates of what’s been happening in different aspects of greenlydia’s life.

(Please excuse the lack of visual aids for this post, It was written rather quickly)


I have been travelling quite a bit for work which I totally love but travelling comes at a price.

  • My home office is so messy I could hide a dead body or two in here.
  • I haven’t had the time to write all the things I want to.
  • I am far too familiar with airport staff.
  • I miss my dude.
  • I Miss my cat.
  • My cupboard needs cleaning. Suitcase – wash – cupboard – repeat can get a little disorganized.

But I have really been enjoying being all over. I am so lucky to have a job that I love even when I hate it.

Last month our Office Manager left us after almost 2 years. (All the sadness) but we are very happy for her going on to do something that will make her truly happy. Replacing her has been a nightmare. Since when do people send CV’s in WORD documents?? I mean really now. We have managed to narrow down the search and I hope to have someone back in that office pretty soon.


It’s a little less than 4 months to go before Oscar and I say “I do”. Thus far it has been a lot of fun planning things. All of the big things have been taken care of. The church, venue, food, music, photographer. Now just the fun details left. This is my favourite part. All the things that will make this day pretty and memorable for us and our guests.

Oh I don’t have a wedding dress yet. This is a bit tricky as I don’t like the fuss of having one made, but finding one to buy or hire that doesn’t look like confectionary is a tough task.

I would LOVE it if anyone could drop me a line of someone/store where I can buy one with minimal effort. (Guys, I really dread the whole dress thing.)


Well as most of the regular readers would know, I started #ProjectPoetry and roped in 3 other writers to join. Simple concept, I write something and highlight one line. Next writer opens with said line and so forth. These ladies have been SO GREAT at this we decided to switch it up and carry on for one more month. I will be posting me next one pretty soon.

Have a read here for the others.

#LikeLife 2? Yup it’s true. Cupcakemummy and I are teaming up once again to write a sequel to our first Novella. The response to book 1 was greater than either of us could have ever imagined and I am SO excited to share what happens next. Keep an eye out for the hash tag.


A few posts back I wrote about my own take on a wine rating system and I have been putting some real work into this. I am so excited to start putting some fun back into wine and sharing it here.

The first wine will be up this week followed by a feature on the RMBWinex that I will be visiting this year.

Wino’s stay tuned.

(Maybe some wine giveaways in the near future too)


That’s all I can share with you right now.

So many things happening.

So many things to write about.

So many things to be happy about.

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  • cupcakemummy

    Aah tho post makes me so happy!
    Only 4 months till I get to see my beautiful friend say I do.
    You know I can see right? Just saying…

    October 20, 2014 - 1:07 pm Reply

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