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My obsession with Podcasts has reached a new high. I now download a bunch of them to listen to while I do all sorts of things. I listen in the bath, I listen while I work, on flights, I listen in the car and my newest hobby is forcing all my friends to listen too. I need someone to talk to about all these cool things I am learning don’t I?

There are so many great podcasts available to listen to, every few weeks I find a new one to add to my playlist. I think It’s a combination of learning new and interesting things (Like why Birkin Bags cost so much, or why universities own so many patents) and oddly enough it makes me more productive. Some podcasts make you laugh hysterically in public some make you cry and some you listen to till 3 in the morning because you can’t get enough.

Here are my current top 5 podcasts to wet your appetite.

My dad wrote a porno

This is laugh out loud, snort and cry your makeup off funny. This guys dad wrote the wors erotic novel you have ever read and he has decided o read it out loud with his two mates. With running commentary of course .

*Disclaimer, it is racy – Listen with headphones on.

Planet Money

This is just so interesting. Short gripping episodes for cool dinner conversation. From why Coke never changed their price to #Brexit explained.

*This is my work playlist most days 


I blog, I like to listen to blogging podcasts to stay up to date with what I need to be doing to my space to keep it alive. Then I annoy By Megan Kelly by asking her a million SEO questions. (She now offers consultations, totally worth it #Justsaying)


Extra Pack Of Peanuts 

This is my wanderlust fix of the week. It just makes you want to pack your bags and go travel the world.


Ask Me Another

This is a quiz show with trivia and useless puzzles. My idea of a great time. They have amazing guests on too. Mike Rowe and Weird Al to name a few.

I love listening to these podcasts on road trips and flights. What are your favourites and where/when do you enjoy listening to them?





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