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As an average traveler my destinations are often what other travelers consider boring. Not note worthy or vanilla even. But I have this theory that once you start enjoying the small dusty and dodgy towns you will enjoy the big trips to exotic places just so much more when the opportunity for them comes around.

My tiny towns series (Go read about it, it is totally cool) is some of the most fun posts I have written. Mostly because research requires you to get in the car and explore your town. Maybe even buy some damn good local food for dinner.

But I can only visit so many towns. Average traveler also means average budget.

But who says I am the only one with stories to share? No one knows where to eat like locals. Or what house in what street is the one with the spook stories.

So here’s the deal. I want YOUR stories. About YOUR tiny towns. I am not talking about the regurgitated “secret” best getaways. I am talking about the town you, your partner, your siblings, your dad or even your ouma grew up in. Tell us about the route you walk to school and the best place to eat in town. Tell us about cool things that happened there and how the town came to be.

Tell us why we need to visit Paarl or Bellville or Schoemanspoort or Alberton.

So how does this work?

You don’t need to be a writer to tell us your story. I will email you a few questions and you fill in your stories around them.

You will be credited for your contribution regardless if you are a fellow blogger, writer or neither.

What do you say? If you are keen to contribute contact me and we will get the ball rolling.




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