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Quiet Spring

If ever there were a town true to its name, this is it. Stilfontein is the quietest town I have every visited. In the 2 hours spent in the town I saw 3 people. (not even kidding)

Stilfontein is situated between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp in the North West. It is a true mining town in the sense that it’s the only reason the town exists. The mines have long since been closed and the little town is frozen in time. It’s as if you are driving through the 80’s.

It was established in 1949 as a residential centre for three large gold mines, the Hartebeesfontein, Buffelsfontein and Stilfontein mines.

Stilfontein was struck by a mining-related earthquake in 9 March 2005, which damaged buildings in the town, which was followed by the closure of the Hartebeesfontein and Buffelsfontein when the Stilfontein Gold Mining was handed over into liquidation. The Simmer and Jack Mines took over the mines but disaster struck again on the 23 March 2006 when a fire trapped 8 miners underground at the Buffelsfontein mine.



No one in sight


Town Hall

On your drive through the town you will see large houses with open yards. You will see hand painted store signs and only one franchise. The Spar.

The tiny town is home to 18 000 people and I don’t know where they hide them. Next time you take the N12 to Klerksdorp, drive through Stilfontein and experience a time warp.

This happened here – Nothing. (told you the town was well named)

Eat Here – Buy a pie from the Spar, they are freshly made every day.

Drive this road – Stilfontein road. It runs the lengths of the town and winds along the little dam in the middle called “Die Pannetjie”

Conversation starter:  “Hey so this one time I drove through a place called Stilfontein and there was nothing there”


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  • Floyd

    Stilfontein is indeed a quiet place, people around are starting to criticize it. Is as small are Tiny towns around Klerksdorp, Orkney and Haartebeesfontein also mining towns.Try to visit one of the town you will see what am talking about. 😂 i wouldn’t be surprised if they say Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur are not dead they are hiding in Stilfontein, because no one will know lol.

    May 3, 2017 - 9:08 am Reply

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