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This week the lovely Laura from Harassed Mom take us with to the gorgeous little town of Montagu. 

Montagu is a gorgeous little town about 2 hours from Cape Town on Route 62! It is surrounded in mountains, making you feel like you are literally in the middle of nowhere but it is fast becoming a pretty popular tourist destination.My parents live there so we spend the two long school holidays there every year and it is ideal for switching off and recharging. It gets bitterly cold during winter and unbearably hot during the summer.

It is an old town with a lot old buildings dating back to the late 1800’s but really has a lot of character and wherever you go people are greeting each other, so everyone literally does know everyone else.


This happened here – Every little place has a story, tell it.


Just outside Montagu is the Old English Fort that was built between 1899 and 1902 during the second Boer War. There are 5 forts in total, all of which are said to have been the reason the Boer Commando of 300 avoided Montagu. You can access it from a parking area and a short hike up the side of the mountain.


Also, as it turns out, my husband’s grandfather was involved in the building of the primary school in Montagu.


Drive this road – Something with significance to the town.


Route 62 runs right through the centre of this little town and is where the local Spar is located and the petrol station. There are also some great restaurants and national monuments along this road to explore.


Eat here – Where do the locals go.

There are actually so many places to eat here! As you enter the town from Cape Town’s side there is the Kloof which is really stunning if you have kids. It has a lovely play area and the food is pretty good. There is also a Montagu fruit and nut shop and a small gift shop on the premises. (The nut shop is well worth the stop, especially if you are from Joburg because it is a lot cheaper.

If you are looking to escape kids then the Rambling Rose, which is the next restaurant on the way into town is the one to stop at. They have a stunning collection of cakes including some gluten free options. The hotel also has a restaurant and there is a quaint pizza place called the Burgundy Gherkin that makes yummy pizzas. There is a weekly Saturday market that has a small selection of food including bacon, cheese and sausage vetkoek and some delicious Korean meals.


Conversation starter


I couldn’t really find anything that weird that happens here. The dam with all the white birds is pretty freaky and I avoid that road if I can. I do find it weird that nothing is open on Sunday and even late Saturday afternoons, the town is dead but that is possibly just the big city in me!

Montagu Post 1

Montagu Post 2

Montagu Post

Thank you for taking us along on your adventure Laura 🙂 

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