The Clay Cafe

If you have kiddies or if you just like making cool things you need to check out The Clay Cafe in Houtbay. We accompanied my sister on a day out with the kiddies to go paint some stuff.

They have quite a selection of things to choose from. You pay a R30.00 “studio fee” per person and then per Item you want to paint. (They range from R10.00 ash trays to R150.00 salad bowls) It’s very chilled and you take the goodies you want and pay for it afterwards.

Very easy to paint and the kids (and us) had a great time.

20131227_111910 20131227_111908 20131227_112008 20131227_113032

It does however take 10 days to collect. Not too bad I guess. Seeing the clay needs to be fired and glazed more than once.

Oscar and I painted an espresso set, my sister painted a huge coffee mug and the kids did small mugs and teddy bears.

One sucky thing though. They broke one of our cups. Now it’s a set anymore.

This is pretty disappointing. They didn’t even offer us a refund for the cup or a replacement. They were just like “meh”.

Take your kiddies, go have fun. Just make them give you top service and take care of the things you paid to paint.

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Yes. Our mugs say “kiff” “Sup” “Besties” “Fader” “In yo face” 




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