Alright folks.  Time for the reveal.

Oscar and I under took some major renovations in our little home over the last few weeks. We HATED our faded 80’s yellow kitchen with little white butcher tiles. It was depressing and we never wanted to have friends over because they would leave depressed too.

After lots of planning and budgeting we decided its time. New kitchen and while we are at is new floors and new well everything. We knocked down walls and painted ceilings.

We live in a small town (that people don’t really know unless your GPS got you lost) In a small house [7 little houses around a cul de sac]

We love this little town. The BREATHTAKING Cradle of Human kind is a stones trough away. Its not a new development that has no trees anywhere. (I could never live in modern suburb where there are NO trees)

Our home has a tiny garden all the way around the house. With a big tree and a swing in right in the front yard.

Hope you like it as much as we do. If you don’t, your face is tasteless.

Here you go. BEFORE & AFTER.

Please click to enlarge pictures. (Not everything is packed out yet, so it might look a little bare) 



3b 3a

4b 4a

5b 5a

6b 6a

dining room




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