Tasted Vilafonte.



Twitter tasting  22 October ’14


Wines tasted: Series M & Series C


Vilafonté is a joint venture between the US and SA headed up by Mike Ratcliffe from Warwick Estate.  The tiny estate takes its name from the soil type on the property.

This was my 5th twitter tasting with the Incogvino group. (Want in on the fun? Sign up here) This tasting hosted by Mike and his team was the first one to incorporate a live stream of the team on the farm. You can watch it here.

So what did I think?

Series  M –  17% Cab, 48% Merlot, 35% Malbec

Price R425 per bottle.

It tastes like eating ripe red cherries on a hot day.

It smells like falling face first into a rose garden.

It looks like a prom dress on the floor.

She has got the potential but has a bit of work to do before she can win that academy award.

The merlot is very dominant, but has a slightly softer taste. Paso Robles comes to mind. I don’t know if it’s the grapes or the style it was made in but it tastes like a Californian to me.

It gets 2 stickers.

GL wine stickerGL wine sticker

(Sadly I have to admit, its worth the high price tag)


Series C – 51% Cab, 26%Merlot, 14%Malbec,9% Cab Franc

Price R500 per bottle

It tastes like a dinner with an old friend.

It smells like success .

It looks like hacked naked pictures of Jenifer Lawrence.

You can taste the step up in quality here. Maybe it’s that little bit of cab franc that does the trick. It has that something that lingers in your mouth forcing you to take another sip. And another.

I have a suspicion that if you put this baby away for a few years, it will be an epic superhero.

It gets 2 stickers.


The only thing stopping it from getting that 3rd coveted sticker, is the price. I fully understand the reasoning behind it, but as consumer (and a broke one at that) I cannot bring myself to pay for 6 of those bottles. That said, there are many people who would happily buy 12. Just not me



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