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Hot Air Balloons

I once saw a bunch of hot air balloons being inflated in a field in Bath, in the UK. It was the clearest day. Not a cloud in the sky right in the centre of Bath in Victoria Park a whole bunch of air balloons were slowly being inflated. Eager passengers waiting in anticipation for […]

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Longing for London

I love London. It’s as simple as that. I keep going back and each time it gets harder and harder to leave it behind. Yes, you feel different about a city once you live there. But I can honestly say it would take me a very long time to get sick of London. As Samuel […]

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Rochester Castle, consider it licked.

Leg one of our little English trip was in Rochester, Kent. The garden of England. My brother and his wife live in a little town (I think it’s a town) called Wainscott and its pretty awesome. Its super central and easy catch public transport from right in front of their place. This of course meant […]

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United Kingdom – Kind of an unplanned trip.

It’s one of those just get on a plane and go kind of things. (My favourite kind of holiday) Alright guys, get ready to be bombarded with photos of red busses. That never gets old to me. In two days we (Oscar, Mum and I) hop on a plane bound for London.  My big brother […]

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