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Cardiff on the cards

The flights are booked, the papers are (almost) in order and we are off to London in May! Last year something kinda cool happened and I won a spectacular prize sponsored by Virgin Airlines. This here little blog won Best New Comer Travel Blog and a return ticket to the UK. You can read all […]

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Longing for London

I love London. It’s as simple as that. I keep going back and each time it gets harder and harder to leave it behind. Yes, you feel different about a city once you live there. But I can honestly say it would take me a very long time to get sick of London. As Samuel […]

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Kensington, London.

I did a quick trip to my beloved London for work recently. On previous trips to the UK I have never stayed in the city itself. Always on the outskirts. Although the outskirts are gorgeous and green and lush, there is something about staying in the city. The noise, the people, the vibe. I love […]

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Little bits of London

Hello honies. I haven’t published anything a while because typing and train hopping doesn’t work well together.  I have so many stories to share. From tales about the Zulu king to a surreal moment with boy named Luca from Italy, an attorney from Pretoria and lady named Charmain from Los Angeles.  Click the Instagram link […]

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Walks in London. (And some free things)

With the exchange rate raping the Rand, this was by far our most expensive visit to the UK. Not because we are extravagant shoppers, or eat out at lavish restaurants, no. Simply the transport and living costs were what cost us the most. But it’s London.  Therefore you pay the 3 pounds for coffee but […]

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United Kingdom – Kind of an unplanned trip.

It’s one of those just get on a plane and go kind of things. (My favourite kind of holiday) Alright guys, get ready to be bombarded with photos of red busses. That never gets old to me. In two days we (Oscar, Mum and I) hop on a plane bound for London.  My big brother […]

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