koook kaperjolle



Wait what? You read right. Spring cleaning Your body inside and out the natural way 🙂

I am the lucky guinea pig for the fabulous Elzanne author of Kook Kaperjolle.

She will be writing about easy inexpensive beauty treatments you can brew up with things most of us already have in the kitchen & had no idea about all its secret uses. From detoxing fruit shakes to coconut body and hair scrubs. Its time to scrub the winter blues off and tell yourself this it the year you will proudly be seen in that skimpy uber hot beach number.

I will be doing a price comparison on all home made goodies and a over the counter option.  I’m stingy like that. Keep an eye on her blog for the recipes and you can read my feedback here.

So here goes. What the hell. I have nothing to loose. I work from home and if it so happens that I reek of vinegar for a few days, who’s gonna know? (When I see clients I will put lavender in my pockets or somethings)

Here’s to trying to look hot for summer once again.

Here’s too going green

{This should be fun}


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