Someone else’s Bucket List.

I was watching something on television the other day of an Australian girl who passed away in a car accident. Her mother had her daughters “Bucket list” printed on the church leaflet and before they knew it people from all over the world were completing this girl’s bucket list for her.

I turned to the person I was watching this with and asked what was on his/her bucket list. The person replied with “I don’t have one”. I mean everyone has a bucket list right? I figure this person does not have a list because maybe looking too far forward is scary. Maybe they are just lazy to make a list. Maybe it’s something else. As close as I am to this person, he/she is not the type to discuss things. Even when you so badly want them to.

Maybe this is wrong of me. Maybe this is slightly intrusive. Maybe I am just too sensitive. But a part of me thinks there are a few fundamental things everyone should have on their bucket list.  Some things should be done and felt by everyone. No matter what your goals or travel aspirations are.

So this is for you (The one without the list)

I hope you can tick these off with a smile one day long before the bucket is even close enough to reach.

  • Do a job you love.
  • Go on a holiday. A real one.
  • Solve a Rubics Cube.
  • Laugh until you cry.
  • Love someone. For nothing in return.
  • Eat an entire Milktart all on your own.
  • Watch a Sunrise.
  • Get a tan.
  • Spend one week without worrying about anything.
  • Be completely and utterly happy.

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