So like, what happens now?

Getting engaged is all sunshine and roses until you realise you have to actually PLAN a wedding now.

Don’t get me wrong its every girls dream to be planning her wedding.  (Yes even you reading this going “bitch please, I do not want the white dress and shebang” the right dude will come along and change that.)  But I am marrying into quite the family, 5 times the family members on his side than I have in total. He has 42 FIRST cousins. I have 6. See where I’m going with this? Big family. And I want to keep them all happy.

I know everyone says “Do what makes YOU happy” But what a load of bull that is. The wedding isn’t for us. The marriage is. The wedding, the party is for everyone else. The people who we want to celebrate with. You want your GUESTS to enjoy the food, the music, the feel of it. So stop giving crappy advice saying what others think does not matter. Pretty sure this is the one day it does. What they think of the union, now that they can think what they want.

Marrying into a different culture makes it even tougher. I want to adopt their customs because I have been submerged in it for nearly 8 years. But what do I do to make MY family happy and feel special on the day?

Those are the big hurdles. Not even mentioning the overload of advice on “themes” and colour schemes. I love all the advice, but I don’t want a “themed” wedding. It’s not a Prom. I won be wearing a corsage and bringing the quarterback. I don’t like the little moustaches on sticks or the pouty lips. We want HINTS of a thread tying things together. Why is this so foreign to some people.

Engaged post

Pinterest has really cool ideas and it’s all very cool to look at, but don’t those details only get added later? All wedding blogs ever show you are ideas off of Pinterest and never a list of actual local suppliers.

Luckily Anje gets me and more importantly my style. She makes me laugh about all of the stupid things I freak out about. I do my weekly rant to her of everything going on and this happens…


It’s been a long week. With a lot going on. But in I will be honest, the thought of me in a white dress and Oscar standing there in a suit excites me. The excitement trumps all the other stuff.

Have a great weekend guys. Jammer vir die deur mekaar post.



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  • leighroad

    1. Country 2. Venue and capacity 3. Is it going to be legal 4. Date 5. Time 6. And the style evolves itself around here.. 7. Who’s who, what’s what 8. And finally the really fun stuff!!! I reckon anyways, sorry for more advice 😊

    January 17, 2014 - 6:50 pm Reply

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