She’s leaving, on a jet plane. Only to return one week later.

Well guys, I am going to GERMANY! 

(for work) But still GERMANY! 


Everything is booked and paid and now just a quick visit to the consulate and then I’m off. Sadly, I will be leaving on Oscar’s 30th Birthday 🙁 BUT he will have an awesome day. I will make sure of it. If all else fails Spur will give him an ice cream and sing the man a song.

Just as we got back from our Christmas break I got a mail from the boss man that I will be going to represent the farm at this years Prowein Trade show in GERMANY! (yes all caps excitement) Flights booked, hotel booked, all the red tape gathered for a Visa because my SA passport get me nowhere? almost. 

To make the matter sweeter, my big brother (whom I have not seen since 2011) Will be able to come and see me!!! Can not WAIT. Since everything in Europe is so close by he decided I am worth a short trip and we will laugh and drink beer and talk and walk around and drink beer and drink beer. 

The show itself is going to be nothing short of  MINDBOGGLINGLY huge. 4000 exhibitors. I can’t even. 



International experience means the world to me. 

Dusseldorf is my final destination and here are a few photos to make you jealous 😉 

dusseldorf1_2131132b Düsseldorf-Photo3 IMG_0557-1024x768 konigsallee


If you have been there drop a comment and tell me about it. 🙂 






  • cureyourwanderlust

    Being German I can congratulate you on going there
    I’ve never fully visitied Düsseldorf (when you are abroad you just realise how much of your own country you haven’t seen!!!) – but if you somehow can take a day or even just half a day of, you HAVE to go to Cologne (Köln).. it’s an amazing city and you can go there from Düsseldorf just by train in half an hour or so I guess..
    Have fun in good old Germany

    February 19, 2014 - 3:07 pm Reply
  • Vernon

    Sounds fun!

    February 19, 2014 - 7:59 pm Reply

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