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It’s time for our annual drive from Joburg to Cape Town and this year for the first time we are not doing it in one go. We will be spending a night in Sutherland and I cannot wait to explore the town and do the night tour of SALT.

Os and I take turns to do the driving. Seeing it’s a 14 hour drive (in aircon) the drive is as unkind to your hair and skin as a long haul flight. I have learnt to avoid make up on this trip. Or you reach your destination looking like a tired raccoon.

I start the journey showered and make up free and as fresh as a person can be at 5am. I keep these 5 items in a small make up bag in the glove box.


Lush – Tea Tree Water

This is meant to be a cleanser but my goodness it is a very refreshing mist to just spritz on tired skin. When enclosed in a car for half a day feeling fresh goes a long way.


The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Protection Lotion

Because I travel with a make up free face I need a moisturizer that wakes up my skin a bit. This Vit C one is the perfect handbag size and the fresh orange smell lingers for quite some time.  It also has the all important SPF 20.


Labello Strawberry Shine

Labello is such a classic isn’t it? This tinted Strawberry Shine is perfect for adding a hint of colour to your lips. Sunglasses and tinted lips is the best combo for hiding a tired face.


Smint Peppermint

I am one of those people that need to have fresh breath to feel clean. I tend not to grab gum for car rides as disposing of it is always tricky and just a little gross to be honest. Smints are my go to mints. Small, packs a punch and really does leave you with fresh breath.



Fuji Green Tea – Eu De Cologne

For long journeys I reach for scents that give the illusion that you just stepped out of the shower. Fuji Green Tea is tropical and not too sweet. It smells like I imagine an outside shower in a resort in Bali smells like.

These 5 items are packed and ready to keep me fresh on the road. What do you like to keep on hand for long journeys? Drop a comment below.

If you are taking a trip this holiday please be safe on the roads. Remember to put your phone down and enjoy the ride.



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