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Microblog Monday is a new series started by a dear friend of mine, Michelle, whom writes Teacups & Typewriters. Here’s the crux of it – Share one short post every Monday that you would normally share elsewhere. (Twitter, Facebook, Bathroom Stalls…you know)

I get excited about writing and then I dip down to being lazy with it. So for my first Microblog I would like to show some appreciation for the creator of this series. Michelle is a rad writer and full of exciting beans. Thank you for making me excited about writing without even realizing it.


Hop on over to Teacups and Typewriters and get to know her.



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  • Michelle

    You are the loveliest <3 It's worth saying that you're probably the main reason that I'm trying to blog more these days. I remember one day a few months ago, I was doing some shopping at Spar and Whatsapping you and you told me you love my blog and you wish I blogged more. So you gave me hope that someone actually cared and was reading my stuff 🙂

    ALSO, just a note – I'm not the original creator of this series. It was first kicked off by Stirrup Queens as I explained in that Microblog Monday introduction post 🙂 I'm just continuing it here in South Africa! So happy to have 3 more bloggers (so far) tagging along with me on this journey.

    June 30, 2015 - 6:45 am Reply

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