Microblog 2


I have always been very passionate about music. Good music. Knowing where it comes from, who wrote it and what it was written about. It partly stems from growing up in a home where my brother in law (whom has been around since I was 10, if not younger) has taught me to really appreciate music. Every aspect of it. We still spend our holidays playing music trivia games and I can now say I am his only true rival (He still always wins but I’m getting close)

I don’t just listen to music, I feel it. I have playlists for every mood. Every task even. But mostly I use music to say things I just can’t get myself to say out loud. If I send you a song it’s not simply because I think it’s a catchy tune. I am trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s something you don’t want to hear from me, or anyone for that matter. But it is something you need to hear.

For the love of music.

“Let your heart hold fast for this soon shall pass, there’s another hill ahead”




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