Microblog 11

This week has been rather crazy. It started with a wedding, a funeral, another death and some more family drama. It has been intense days and busy, sleepless nights. Hence Microblog Monday being a few days late.

All these events have stirred up a few thoughts on life and death. Not the deep, “the meaning of life” kind of topics. More like “what do I want when I die”.

For one, I do not want to be buried. I refuse to take up more space after my body is no longer on the earth. (I am hoping reincarnation is a thing, I’d love to be a house cat) I would like to be cremated and for my ashes to be thrown a few places. By the ocean, to the wind in the city and in the garden.

As far as a funeral, it is for the living. I guess this would not be up to me. But if one must be held for me please serve wine and share good stories. Fun ones. Tell stories about things we got up to. Places we saw together.

Maybe I will feel differently about these things in a year or two. I hope not though. But for now a less crazy week will make me feel better.


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