Life is a journey too right?

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My journey is a good one. With good travel companions.

We are all moving. Movement is constant. If you don’t move you get left behind and that is just not acceptable to me. I like to keep everyone moving. But lately it feels as if my movement has become pushing. I don’t want to be a pusher. But I am. I constantly find myself pushing those around me to do more. Be more. Move forward.

It’s Friday night and my husband is off building something in the garage and I am sat in front of my laptop playing catch up on bits of work. This Friday night is different. I feel more tired than usual. Maybe tired of different things.

I work hard. To keep moving. I work not to have pockets of money to blow on expensive trips around the world. That’s not my journey right now. I work to support those around me. My people.

Sometimes (normally on wine fueled Friday nights) I feel as if my pushing has reached the point where it is no longer needed. My encouragement is no longer required. This shouldn’t sadden me. This was the goal right? For my travel companions gain so much momentum that their baggage feels as if it weighs nothing. Perhaps even left on the platform.

Tonight I feel left behind.

I burst with pride for my little group of people who travel through life with me. But tonight I feel like the idiot who left the passport at home and misses the trip that everyone else is on.


I got left on the lucky platform. I get to watch my people speed passed me. On their road to conquering great things. I get to stand on the sidelines and watch those so dear to me run towards new and exciting adventure

So I am just going to sit here for a bit.

My train will come too. Ill catch up.

Until then, here’s a song. 




    In many ways, you are the one leaving us behind. Lyds, you are an incredible person with such a genuinely beautiful heart. I never knew how much I needed a friendship like yours until you walked into my life and forced a friendship in the most beautiful way. You are good for my soul because we just get it…you just get …it with no explanation. Keep being you, it is rare and wonderfully special. x

    April 29, 2016 - 9:09 pm Reply
    • greenlydia

      Oh Megs, You have NO idea how much these kind words means. Your friendships is one of the best ones I have forced 😉

      April 30, 2016 - 8:07 am Reply

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