Lets write something.

I roped in 3 writers to join me in reviving poetry. I read poetry. Mostly after a glass of wine. After 3 more I try my hand at it but I have never published any of it. It has always just sat in my drafts. But I figure If we do it together it wont be so scary. Its just a bunch of words after all.


So here’s the plan. 4 pieces a week. I will highlight one random sentence in my poem and that will become the first line of the next persons poem and so forth.

Its not planned or pre-written. (This one was just the latest one in my drafts so it got picked to start)  We will be running #ProjectPoetry for one month.

Flat White Concepts is next up.


(I will add links once she has published but head on over to her cyber spot and keep an eye out.)




She heard the music. It moved her.

She tasted the wine. It soothed her.

She felt it. She felt everything she refused to feel for such a long time.

She felt it.

Warm cheeks.

Crimson wine.

Scarlet lips.

She longed for the smell of the ocean. The salt was heightened in the wine as she heard the waves crashing. Without her.

She missed the dunes and the midnight swims. Fully clothed. Naked. Breathing in the sea air. Feeling the beat of the heart.

She had the love but lost the lust.

For life.

The fire.

The heat.

She needed it to burn. To make her want more.

Want all of it.

Purple wine.

Make it seem lighter. Lighter.

Lift me up

Lift me.



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