Laundry day and some beer.

So it took two days of doing practically nothing to feel human again. We are now officially in holiday mode. (Even though I still keep one eye on my mails. You know, last minute orders and issues and such.)

We loaded my sister in the car and headed to the city to have a Capetonian day. First stop, I love my laundry. What an awesome little place. I stopped in there before with my director to meet and greet. We supply them with one or two wines. But I have never sat down and enjoyed the ambiance. BEST COFFEE ALL WEEK. Really nothing makes you feel more at ease than a good, and I mean a really good cup of coffee.


The whole concept is darn cool. Do your laundry and dink coffee while chatting to other people doing the same. So Cape Town. Talking to strangers. The long table down the centre of the tiny store is pretty much the only place to sit thus forcing you to friends quickly.

One of the owners happened to be there and he enjoyed telling us all about his expantion plans . Two more stores in the next year. Pretty good considering the flagship store is not even 24 months old yet.

If you find yourself in Cape Town craving coffee and quirkyness with a dirty shirt. I Love My Laundry is for you.

We mossied on over to Long street, as you do. Found ourselves in the Dubliner and had a beer. It kind of just happened. It was hot ok.

Gosh I love the city. I love the architecture, the smell, the people walking. So vibrent. There will be many more city adventures to report on but for now this quick update will have to do.

Still struggling to post off of the tab. But some gorgeous photos will be following soon. Promice.


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