YES! Oscar and I are on leave as of the 14th. WHOOP. Sorry for you if you are still working. Part of me is like “finally, a little time to breathe and wear no pants” and the other part of me can not believe it is mid December already. It was JUST June.

I love what I do but like any job, it gets a little stressful and tense from time to time. There are many things with Beau Joubert I am trying to change, for the better. But change doesn’t come easy. It never does. This year (at work) had ups and downs. but I can say with pride there were more ups than downs. New clients made, listings made stronger. Relationships built and we pulled off some amazing events in the shortest time. I learnt so much this year. So thankful for that.

2014 WILL bring bigger and better things. I will make sure of that.

As I plan my last posts for work and start packing up my office for the year it sunk in…WE ARE LEAVING ON HOLIDAY ON SUNDAY!!

bey joburg

We are driving down this year. We haven’t since 2009, I think. Looking forward to road-tripping with Oscar.

We listen to small unheard of regional radio stations. We eat Takkies Biltong and drink Power aid. And when we get to the other side we will go to the beach and soak up some sun. Joburg has been non stop rain for 2 weeks. Making doing washing a real bitch.


On Monday I have a booked tasting for a group of awesome people who will be coming to enjoy some of our views and wines.

Many photos will be taken and posts will be written.


For now, I have a truck load of washing to get through, last little bits of work to finish and the list goes on.

Here is a little something for all those lucky enough to get a little break of the festive season.



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