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I used to sit and watch planes

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Now I get to be on them. 

Ever looked up to the sky, saw a plane and wondered where it is flying to? Well, wonder no more.

Travelstart have come up with a list of the most popular flight routes searched for by South Africans! The most popular flight route – by far! is the flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. I am a frequent flyer on this route. 

The most popular regional flight is from Johannesburg to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. When it comes to long-haul flights, the most popular flights go from Johannesburg to London – closely followed by the route from Johannesburg to Dubai. I am headed here NEXT WEEK and can’t wait to share stories of things I do wrong all over Europe. 

Get inspiration from the most searched for flight routes online. Shop their Birthday Sale and GO SEE THINGS. 


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  • Tahlia

    I love that the most popular region flight is to Harare! It is on my bucket list- dying to visit <3

    September 27, 2018 - 8:35 am Reply

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