Hint Hunt – The best night out in Joburg

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Imagine being locked in a room and having to rely on your problem solving skills to make it out by the time the large monitor on the wall hits the 1 hour mark.

Yes, it’s real. And YES it is probably the most fun I have ever had.

Hint Hunt is a universal live escape game.

Let me set the scene. You arrive and get a briefing by the facilitator. He gives you the rules and basic concept of what you will be doing.

You get locked in a room and have one hour to escape by solving riddles and puzzles.

A murder was committed and the investigating detective was murdered (oooooh) you are locked in his office and have to escape before the police get there. To help you along the way there is a tv monitor in the room with the moderator feeding you clues as you go along. (Trust me, you need these)

The room is watched by cameras and the clues are given specifically to your situation.

We were on such a roll that about 30 minutes in they stopped our clues. (Yes we were that good)The James Murdock room has a success rate of 40% worldwide alone kicked my competitive streak into a higher gear. I NEEDED to win. With many, many laughs and stumbles we finally unlocked the door at minute 58.

I highly recommend this extremely fun night out. Go in groups of between 4 and 6 people for a night of games that will leave you wanting to go back and play again.


Thank you to our friends, the Ferreiras who arrange the evening for us <3



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