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A few months ago some friends took Oscar and me to play Hint Hunt in Joburg. I was instantly in love. (Our friends know me so well) I LOVE puzzles and riddles and regularly force people to play boardgames with me. This was a real life puzzle box and I could not get enough of it.

Ever since doing the first room, I was looking up the other rooms and where and when to play them. I learnt there was a Submarine room (I know right) in Cape Town and decided to book while we were there in December. We played as a team of four and I was bursting with excitement when we arrived. Hint Hunt Cape Town is situated in the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.

The most enthusiastic guide explained the rules to us and off we went. Locked in the room. We had one hour to escape. The Submarine, unlike the other rooms, is playable twice as there are two story lines to follow. We played the “Sinking Sub” and for the first 15 minutes, it was a total blast.

I can’t tell you about what we did inside that defeats the purpose.

Here is the slight snag.We solved a puzzle and were unable to move forward. Something was faulty and a light/sensor was not working (we didn’t know this at the time). We thought for sure we had it right. 20 precious minutes were wasted on this one task that we had right all along.

This lead to us not getting out in time. We were SO bummed as we were one step away from getting out.

Afterwards, the guide came up to us and told us he had noticed on the monitor that one of our lights were not lighting up and he opened the next step for us. He apologised and said they would fix it.

Great for the next lot of people playing but my goodness we were disappointed. Never the less there is one more room in Joburg I am dying to go play. Let’s hope all the puzzles work in this one.

If you haven’t played yet book here and have fun. 




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