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Just off the N4 en route to Nelspruit. There is an “S” turn and a low level bridge to your left. When you turn off between the orange orchards you find a gold fish and koi farm (yes goldfish) and a gate with insane electric fencing. When you hoot the owners (and their Jack Russels) appear from a charming old farm house and immediately know you are going to have a great stay.

They seemed pleased that we drove up in a Land Rover. (we weren’t sure why yet) They jumped in their 4×4 and told us to follow. It was about 30 seconds till we realized why we needed a 4×4 to use this accommodation.

It’s a narrow, steep and winding path up a mountain (with SHEER drops to either side) After a nail-biting ride up you arrive at a stone cottage. Something out of fairy tale. It is a loft cottage with 2 king sized beds and 2 singles. It has a giant stone fireplace and a small kitchen and dining area. It is the perfect getaway. (or a change of scenery form my desk at home) You feel like you are in a different world. A simpler world. If you are looking to leave the world behind for a few days and disappear into a proper cabin in the woods, this is the place for you.

The cottage dates back to the turn of the century and the original structure was an Inn on the trade route to the harbour in Maputo. It really is the most charming place I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. There are ancient (yes, ancient) ruins all over the property and you cannot help but feel like this cottage was perhaps part of them at some stage. But more on that later. 😉

I cannot wait to return with more friends and have endless board-game evenings around the huge fireplace while drinking hot coffee from tin cups.

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*This trip was not sponsored – Just a fan whom had a great time. 




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