DIY spring nails.

False/gel/acrylic nails in summer are a bad idea (to me anyway) The way I see it, in summer you are in and out of the pool or ocean or just outside as much as possible. Well you should be, anyway. Why have false crap on your nails that will chip, hook and just be in the way.

GO NATURAL (not unshaven natural, that’s just creepy)

By learning how to do your own nails in summer you save a shit load (mani’s are R120 and up these days) and you can do ANYTHING on them you want with inexpensive brands and tools you already have lying around.

Here is the one I am sporting this week. Stripes & flowers.

Here’s how I did it.


You need an emery board (for obvious purposes) and buffer.

I don’t like long-whore-nails so if you are like me, file them neat and semi short as not to look like you bite them but also not long enough to take out an eye.

Next use the 2 roughest sides of the buffer and thoroughly do each nail.

[nail polish seems to last longer on your nails when you don’t buff it until its shiny, with the right top base coat and top coat you will be golden for at least a week before it chips]


Time for base coat. This baby is a rock star for a base coat. essence from clicks it the perfect brand. Cool colours regularly available, UNDER R20 per bottle and if you treat it right it lasts for easily a year in the cupboard.

I suggest using their nail hardener as a base coat simply because it does 2 things it strengthens you nails while you are wearing cool designs, and it prevents chipping of the design better than any product I have ever used. Go to Clicks and buy one. Shit buy 3 if you can. You wont be sorry.

Next up is my one Essie. (I couldn’t help myself I needed to own this colour) Cost R79 bucks on special at Dischem.


With the nail hardener as base you only need one coat of this baby as a base colour.


Go watch Keeping up the Kardashians or something mindless while you wait. JUST DON’T TOUCH IT.

Once you are SURE its dry, its time for the stripes. This bit is fun. Don’t be intimidated. There is a trick to it and the master shall teach you…..


essence again. R19.00 tip painter. Put it on your must buy use. IF YOU DON’T have a tip painter don’t fret. Calm down and run to the kitchen. No not the fridge. Close it, your not hungry you’re bored. Grab a toothpick (I have used a toothpick for most of my designs until I found a cheap tip painter.

Here’s how to do stripes with a brush ~

The brush tends to have quite a bit of varnish on it, so try and dab it down on the inside of bottle opening until the brush is smooth. Now take the brush and start at cuticle & pull a line towards the tip of the nail.

Don’t try and do this with only the tip of the brush. Lay it flat on nail then you get a nice even line.

HINT : never go over a line if you think its too light or not straight enough. Leave it as is. One thin line looks better than you think it does.

With a toothpick –

Drop a drop of white varnish on a scrap of cardboard and dip the toothpick in it. unlike the brush here you only use the tip to draw the line.

Easy enough.



On to the flowers. This is fun and you cant screw it up. Promise.


Here are the colours I have used.

1.  essence (green) L.O.L

2. essence (red) Redvolution

3. essence (white shimmer) Water Lily

4. essence (orange) Flashy pumpkin

5. Sally Hanson (glitter red) Red Carpet Ready


Take a piece of cardboard and drip one drop of each of the flower colours on the crap of paper.

(not the green for the leaves)

Using a bobby pin/toothpick start by dotting the second darkest red (in this case number 2) into flower like shapes on alternate nails

Dark first as this gives a tad of depth to your flower.

Now dab the orange on the inside of the flower. This creates petals.


Use the shimmer white on the edges and the center of the flower. (all you are doing here is smudging until when you squint it kinda looks like a flower)


Leaves are just like the petals. Except here you dab a spot on only 2 sides of the flower.

HINT : to finish off the look use the dark glittery red (5) and just make one or two dots around the flowers. This creates a fuller look. 


Finish off your design with a clear top coat. I use essence Gel Look top coat. Its nice and glossy when dry. But the nail hardener work here too. {This one is on my must have list R19.29 from clicks}

WAIT UNTIL THE BITCH IS DRY! I’m sure there is a Kardashians re-run for you to get stuck in. When you feel yourself dosing off they should be dry and you are good to go.

BOOOOOOOM Look what happened…


Now all you need to do is clean the edges with a q-tip dipped in varnish remover.


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