You know those chirpy people who ALWAYS talk about what they do?

Yeh, well I’m one of them. [So listen to what I have to say, it might surprise you]

I am the Marketing and Sales Manager for an awesome little wine estate called Beau Joubert. [I spell it to people CONSTANTLY]

I have been in the wine industry for 6 years and gawd I love it. All of the shit and headaches that go with it. I love that my job has room for creativity. Occasionally I want to through my laptop against the wall, lay dawn cheek to floor and just stay there. But loving what I do makes me get up when the floor gets all comfy.

I run Beau Jouberts Social media [LOVE it] as well as upkeep for web content.

But most importantly I make sure the product moves. Or I try. Its fucking hard sometimes.

Because I love my work, it has a tendency to spill over and sometimes even become my art. So under farm things all things about the farm shall go {sounds so Dr Seuss.}


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