Curation Question

To curate or not to curate. Every time I scroll through twitter I see more people join the conversation about whether or not you should curate your online presence or not.

Well for my first post of 2018 I decided to join the conversation and guess what, I don’t care if you curate or not.

Bloggers and other online influencers have a tendency to want to be “authentic” while still filtering the crap out of something. I hate to break it to you, but that’s not very authentic. But, it is totally fine.

Life gets messy and I do not believe for one minute that your life is as picture perfect as your Instagram feed. I don’t believe that you actually enjoyed putting your pretty sneakers on fresh white sheets and nor do I believe that you wake up with a full face of makeup with perfectly styled hair and that you enjoy drinking coffee in your socks and sexy mens button-up shirts.

I don’t don’t believe it. I hope you don’t either. Because that’s where this gets a bit dangerous.

You cannot judge someone’s life on a serious of pretty pictures. You only see a tiny block of that person’s life every few days and let’s be honest, why capture the shit bits? Why am I going to photograph my scars? why would I snap a photo when I am having an argument with someone? Why would I try and filter my tear soaked face when I sink into the couch and tell my best friend why my heart is broken again?

Its simple, you want to show and remember the good parts. I want to show you the amazing view I saw and tell you how it made me feel. I won’t drag you down by telling you the other guy in the car hated every second of our adventure. Why do I need to justify my choice to share my own photos?

The answer to the essay of questions above is a quick one. Come closer. Let me tell you a little secret. It…doesn’t…matter.

You can share whatever you want whenever you want. It’s YOUR photos. I follow many curated accounts. They are beautiful. Like, wish-you-were-here postcards. Little pretty bits of trips all over the globe. I laugh that it probably took 100 photos to get the perfect shot. But mostly I hope the person stopped, put their phone down and soaked in the view.

I hope the curator leads a life that takes their breath away. I hope you don’t get fixated on getting the perfect shot and sometimes just keep the moment to yourself.

I hope the viewer understands that all it is a snap of the good bits and that doesn’t mean that hard times aren’t there.

The Curated – It took 10 photos to get this semi ok 1.


The no-so-curated – Took this snap and made it black and white because seeing the coloured bands scared me.



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