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Advice from a plane

Advice from a plane

I saw a thunderstorm from above today. I fly often. More than most. I have flown through some teeth shattering turbulence, a few odd passenger situations (one including a man being in the bathroom during a landing) and I have seen breathtaking sights from a window seat. But today I saw thunder. Brief flashes of bright light backlighting dramatic clouds. It was beautiful.

I never get too personal on my blog, for a multitude of reasons. Mostly because contrary to popular belief my life really isn’t that interesting. It’s average. Just like me and that is totally okay with me. The last few months have thrown things my way that I had no idea I would ever have to deal with in my lifetime, never mind before my 30s. But in all fairness, none of these recent events were even that interesting. Millions of people cope with worse while wearing much larger smiles than myself. But much like most self-indulgent people who overcome small things, I like to think I have learnt a few things. I will dispense this advice now. You never know when someone else’s journey might need it.

1.Never take health for granted. Easier said than done. But let me tell you. You miss the normal when its no longer there. When the worst thing that happened to you medically was a cold. I miss that.


2. Weightloss isn’t always good. Stop assuming because someone lost a bunch of weight that they weren’t happy before. Or that they are happier now. Believe it or not, some people don’t mind being a size 14.


3. Always travel light. You really don’t need that extra pair of jeans you are carrying around.


4. Buy a power bank, keep it charged, use it.


5. Use Google Music. (Or iTunes) just pay the monthly subscription and carry the soundtrack to your life in your pocket.


6. Show appreciation. Show appreciation for a good meal, a nice day out, a compliment or even a smile.


7.  Not everyone will understand your circumstances and you won’t always understand theirs. People differ and this is ok.


8.  Avoid eating meat on planes. Just trust me on this.


9. Work hard. Regardless of what you read on click-bait posts, regardless of the famous Netflix power point. Hard work DOES pay off. Not always in the way you expected, but it really does. Even when you hate what you do. Use your hatred to fuel it and work harder.


10. Share things you like. Songs, food, a good view or even a podcast you found interesting. Don’t keep things that bring you joy to yourself.

I hope one day you find one or more of these useful.


Lesser known facts about me.

Lesser known facts about me.

In an attempt to for you to get to know me better, I decided it was time for an “about me” post. But since there is a button for that about this post I figured I’d tell you lesser known things about the Lydia in Greenlydia.

I am nosy and tend to read other peoples posts like this but I also find them kinda…borning. humans are funny things and we will look for faults in others to make ourselves feel a little about ourselves even when we don’t mean to. We compare and we rate each other. We are so so nosy we watch video after video of insta stories then discuss it amongst other with the same view as you.

But I have decided I want you to be more nosy. I want you to want to be interested in the stories I tell. That’s why we blog, after all, isn’t it?

Here goes, 20 lesser known things about me.

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5 things you didn’t think to pack

5 things you didn’t think to pack

Every time we go camping I learn a little more. For instance, pro tip – shower in the evenings when there is still warm water in the ablution blocks.

This year we went on our annual family camping trip to Beaverlac. (Read about our last disastrous trip here) Part of me hopes we will always suck at camping, better stories and all. No one ever says “hey remember that trip we took where nothing went wrong?”

This year I learnt that those sif boere plakkies with the velcro are perfect for camping.  I also learnt that there are snakes in mountain pools. Swimming snakes, no really. Snakes. Read all about this years’ shenanigans here.

Here are my 5 things that I am SUPER glad I packed this time around.

  1. Nail clippers – Listen this baby is GOLD when you are in and out of water, hiking and climbing things for a few days. There are few things as kak as having a hooked nail and no way to chop it off.
  2. Matches – Lighters fail, a box of matches go a long way
  3. Air Mattress Patching Kit – BECAUSE IT SUCKS TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR.
  4. Umbrella – We aren’t the kind of people who own a gazebo for shade. We are way to basic for that. If you are too, take an umbrella. You will look a little crazy but the shade will be OH SO GOOD and others will envy your spot of shade.
  5. Body lotion – Camping in the bush means swimming in mountain pools and rivers, hiking dusty trails and wearing enough sunscreen to squeeze through burglar bars. at the end of the day your skin is so dry it actually itches. My tub of body lotion was handed around the camp fire each night like it was meant to be followed with a box of tissues.

What is your magic item you pack? Tell me in the comment section below.