Camping at Beaverlac

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December family camping trips have become tradition now. Last year we realised just how much we suck at it. Read all about that adventure HERE. With every trip we get a little better at it. But make no mistake, we still suck.

This year we decided to take the family dog along, our one-year-old rescue-collie mix. Pepsi. This meant finding a dog-friendly campsite. After A LOT of research, I can tell you with confidence that this a near impossible task.

We settled on a Beaverlac. A secluded campsite just past Porterville in the Western Cape. About a 2 hour drive from Cape Town. Beaverlac is beautiful and as primitive as campsites get. There is no electricity and very limited reception. The stands are smallish but under lush trees (that comes in handy in the 38’C heat).

There are multiple rock pools to swim in. The main pool is a 10minute walk away from the campsite. By the time you get there you simply flop over into the water and you feel like you never want to leave. The “secret” pool and “flat rock” pools are about 20 to 30 minutes walk away. To be fair its an easy walk on a farm road. When we did it it was near 40’C and I lose my sense of humour around 35’C.


Would I recommend Beaverlac?

Yes, if off the grid is your thing. Put your phone off and just sleep and swim and enjoy the beautiful views.

What kinda sucks about it?

The very rigorous application to be able to camp there. All campers have to sign up as members on their site and then fill out ID numbers to submit the application. You then get a yes or no email. It seems a tad excessive for a campsite.

CASH ONLY – When you pay for your booking upon check in they only take cash. Little annoying that you can’t pay in advance.

We had a glorious 4 days. Have you camped there? tell me what you like/don’t like about it in the comments below.



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