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Beach kit

  I don’t like going to the beach. SHOCK! HORROR! There I said it. I am a Cape Townian.(born in Somerset West) that does not enjoy a day spent at the beach. I think it’s a combination of wind, sand in your face and well everywhere and the whole being in the sun thing. Its […]

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Road trip essentials

Spending Christmas with my family means heading to Cape Town over December holidays. For the past 5 years Oscar and I have been driving down from Joburg to Cape Town. We used to dread the drive but in the last few years I like to think we have gotten a bit better at it. We […]

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The average traveler.

I do not have a full passport. I do not live on the road. I do not own a GoPro to film me diving into waterfalls and jumping out of planes. I do not visit extravagant resorts. I hate packing. I hate unpacking even more. I am average. I do average things and visit average […]

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Beer there, done that.

Beer. Barley, hops, water. Those “3 ingredient ice cream” videos come to mind. Let’s be honest, those ice creams taste like frozen cardboard. But beer, beer is the real 3 ingredient miracle recipe. It sounds so simple yet it’s incredibly complicated. Craft breweries have grown significantly in popularity. That creepy guy brewing things in his […]

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Mulled Wine Recipe (Kinda)

In our household I am the predominant cook. Not in the sense that I make great dishes or experiment much but simply I cook more often than my husband. He is much more adventurous with cooking than I am. I tend to stick to what I know. A few nights ago Oscar came home from […]

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I’m a Worrier/Warrior

You know those people who make you phone/send a message when you get somewhere? Well I am one of them. I am a worrier. I don’t know who said it first but it’s true. Those closest to you have the ability to hurt you the most. I always thought I was okay with being hurt. […]

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Someone else’s Bucket List.

I was watching something on television the other day of an Australian girl who passed away in a car accident. Her mother had her daughters “Bucket list” printed on the church leaflet and before they knew it people from all over the world were completing this girl’s bucket list for her.

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