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It’s been a minute.

9 months to be exact. I took the bookmark to this blog off of my taskbar and had no intention of logging back on again. Blogging had become something I wasn’t interested in anymore. I looked at old posts and didn’t recognize myself. I closed the book and that was it. I pursued a new […]

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Stripped down

Strip /strɪp/verbpast tense: stripped; past participle: stripped 1.remove all coverings from.leave bare of accessories or fittings. I am quite rude, no but like, for real. I say it like it is and boy, do I like a good clean argument. I often get annoyed with people who make statements and then post something contradictory and when called […]

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Cultural Sunday

We’ve all felt it. The Sunday lazy. The fall-on-the-couch-and-binge-bad-tv feeling. 2019 already feels like its been 8 years long and we have barely cracked the halfway mark of the second month. The last few months have hard. all kinds of hard. Including the old cliche “life is short” kind of hard. This isn’t People of […]

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Amsterdam in a hurry.

It was Friday afternoon. I saw a few ducks in the canal, floating around on the water and I walked down to the bank of the canal and sat down.  I breathed in deeply and as I was taking in that breath the past 3 days of work rushed through my head and I felt […]

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Trier, the place I didnt know I needed to see.

Theres a golden hour in autumn in Europe. The sun hits everything around you and for a brief few moments your day lights up in gold. Everything shimmers and your shit mood melts away.  I don’t like much of Germany. I sound awful saying it. But Germans are intense. Maybe I’ll like it more if […]

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Our dazzling country

PSSSST…there is a new Travel Campaign in town it’s pretty damn cool. Dazzle South Africa crept into my Instagram feed earlier this month and I was instantly interested and went into stalk mode. I dug and couldn’t find anything and was even more intrigued. When I saw the press release in my inbox I was […]

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2am in an airport

Dubai International Airport. Unremarkable notes Much like a nightclub in your 20’s, the airport only seems to get busy after midnight. The building transforms from a vacant mall where you wonder how the stores make rent to a buzzing market of people buying overpriced perfumes, Hermes scarves, and gold watches. I browsed duty free and […]

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Things Change

Change is always weird. Everything about change is uncomfortable, even changing your clothes sucks. Who actually wakes up and looks forward to getting dressed. I don’t.  But change is inevitable. Seasons, fashion, people, even underwear. It’s natural. Why do we fear something so…natural? Greenlydia hasn’t had much change over the 8 years of being active. […]

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