"The average traveller "

Amsterdam in a hurry.

It was Friday afternoon. I saw a few ducks in the canal, floating around on the water and I walked down to the bank of the canal and sat down. 

I breathed in deeply and as I was taking in that breath the past 3 days of work rushed through my head and I felt overwhelmed again. Actually overwhelmed is the wrong word. At this point I started to feel despondent and I knew what it meant. It meant it was time. It was time to finish my trip and get out. 

Bikes rushed past me and a little boat tour drifted along the river and I needed to be on it. But I felt too guilty to do anything but work. I had finished my last meeting for the day and I had asked my employer if I was allowed to take the afternoon off to go to the Van Gogh museum. Something I had always dreamt of seeing. 

I finished off my last mails at the hotel and looked up where the museum was and decided to walk instead of catching a tram. It was a 3km walk but I figured I could see more of the city this way. I loved everything about Amsterdam. It was exactly what I had seen in pictures for so many years. The food was incredible, the people were weird but easy to understand (thanks Afrikaans) The canals are picture perfect and I am forever grateful I got to see them in autumn. Walking along them made me so happy, I wish I had more time to stop and REALLY take it all in. I so desperately want to go back and see more of Amsterdam. 

I thought the weed thing was an over exaggerated myth. It’s not. People roll joints more impressive than origami swans right next to you. Had I not been there for work I would have asked for a lesson on how to roll the Dutch way. It was impressive to watch. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, indulge. (do it for me) 

The bicycles are INTENSE, they are everywhere! I kind of want to go back and rent one just to feel like I am part of the crowd. I took my time walking through the streets and soaking it all up. I had no idea what I would see on my way to the Van Gogh Museum. I walked through the station building and it was just breathtaking. And then there it was, the big I AMSTERDAM  I loved standing there watching people take photos of it. 

I paid 18Euros and it was the finest money I have ever spent. I had my tickets to see a real Van Gogh. For those that don’t know, art and art history were my top subjects in high school. I was that kid. Vincent always had a place in my heart. He was unstable as fuck and a part of me wishes I indulged in some of those rolled origami swans as I was staring at these incredible works of art. They colours are like painted music. The museum is big and bright and you get an audio guide to listen to as you wander around at your own pace. I found a seat and just stared at these incredible works. I spent a good 3 hours reading everything, soaking up every second. 

When I got back to the hotel I packed up my stuff and headed to the airport. Off to England (after many, many delays) 

But more about what happened there later. 

For now I am just sitting here wishing I could get on a plane and just go back to Amsterdam. 

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  • greenlydia

    Thanks so much for taking the time to drop in Maz, you really are the best.

    January 9, 2019 - 4:20 pm Reply

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