Hot Air Balloons

I once saw a bunch of hot air balloons being inflated in a field in Bath, in the UK. It was the clearest day. Not a cloud in the sky right in the centre of Bath in Victoria Park a whole bunch of air balloons were slowly being inflated. Eager passengers waiting in anticipation for the basket to just-just lift off the ground for them to jump in.

Did you know it takes a couple of people and about half an hour to inflate one of those giant balloons? It was incredible to stand and watch it. The basket was turned on its side and harnessed to a car (a Land Rover). Giant fans were used to inflate the balloon enough to be pulled out by three people holding onto it. Once it had enough air inside the heat was added and the balloon slowly dragged the three people up, forcing itself upward. Until they could no longer hold onto it.

A warmly dressed little crowed rushed for the basket and jumped in as the balloon rose above the trees. I was suddenly filled with jealousy.

The excitement on their faces. you could hear then cheer and laugh and there were little screams of nerves. I felt excited for them. But jealous that I didn’t get to float away too. I have this thing about air balloons. It has always been such a dream of mine to be able to float away. Maybe its the idea of floating that attracts me. Slowly leaving things behind. watching them grow smaller and smaller. Instead of speeding away on a plane and in a blink of an eye you are somewhere new and exciting, an air balloon gives you time to appreciate the ride. It slows things down. forces you to look down rather than looking forward.

When you look down you can see how far you have come. Isn’t that the dream? being able to look down and feel like you have moved. Moved on, moved up, kept moving no matter what. I hope I never stop moving.

I rarely spend money on myself, not for some bullshit humble reason. Simply because even if I had it I wouldn’t know what to really spend it on. This is it, for months now, ever since I stood there and watched those excited little crowds run for their baskets I have wanted it so much more. So I will save up and take myself on an air balloon ride.

Just around the corner from me is the Bill Harrops Balloon Safaris. With spectacular views of the Magalies Meander and hills and valleys, I love so very much.


Photo Credit Bill Harrops Safaris

Look at that view. LOOK AT IT. Gosh, I love where I live. I have decided this is what I will spend money on for myself. Not a spa day, not a pedicure, not a pair of shoes or an extravagant weekend away. I want a ride in a hot air balloon. And I will make this happen before my 29th birthday. I will float away from 28. I will slowly look down at what it brought. What it took away and how beautiful it really was (if you squint a little and the light hits it just right).

For more information of booking your own balloon adventure have a look at Bill Harrops Safaris. They offer many different packages and you need to add a hot air balloon ride to your bucket list.





  • Craig Lotter

    Thanks for sharing. A balloon ride is very definitely still something I need to get around to tackling one day! ­čÖé

    November 22, 2017 - 7:26 am Reply
    • greenlydia

      Thanks Craig, Its something I can’t wait to do either!

      November 22, 2017 - 7:51 am Reply

    Flip hey, how cool!! I’d love to do it some day too!

    December 3, 2017 - 8:42 pm Reply

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