A picture is worth a thousand words.

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This year my friends bought me a Polaroid camera for my birthday. And it’s the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. (other than my divine AR turntable)

I own a decent Nikon but rarely use it when I travel (I know I know) I just don’t like lugging it around. I tend to take blog photos with my phone and edit them very little. I don’t know, perhaps I feel they are more real. More true to the destination. Maybe I am completely wrong and just lazy.


But my Polaroid is just for us.

It’s the photos of our trip that no one ever gets to see. Not posed and planned. Snapped in action. Its tangible. I instantly have something in my hand that captured a single moment. Whether it be a games night with friends or road trip. I have a collection of stories to tell.

I know (and use) there are great places to print your Instagrams and put these in an album. But lets be real here. No one really uses #nofilter Your Instagrams are cool and with the help of filters and edits they mostly look amazing. But these photos, my instant little prints, are far from perfect. The lighting is off, if someone laughs they are out of focus, some times half of someones head is cut off. They are not perfect.  They are real. Just like us.

My favourite thing to do is snap sneaky photos of couples or mates and them give them the photos. They put it in their wallets and now that memory is theirs forever.

When you travel, please don’t worry about the perfect light for a photo. Don’t do silly things to get the perfect selfie. Don’t disrespect your surroundings. Don’t treat animals like props. Just snap a picture of the moment and don’t share them all online. Keep some just for you.

One day when my kids find an old shoe-box of Polaroids in my cupboard and ask me about them, they are going to ask me who was sitting on the couch with me. Who was balancing a glass of wine on his head. Who was sitting on their dads lap. Not what filter I used.


Happy snapping


  • cupcakemummy

    love this.
    I need to take more “real” photos as well xxx

    March 22, 2016 - 7:45 am Reply
  • Megan Kelly

    This is still one of my favourite posts.

    August 15, 2016 - 6:02 pm Reply

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