5 things I want to do in Joburg

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Every time someone learns I am a born and bred Capetonian living in Joburg, there is a thunderstorm in Joburg.

I love this city. I love the noise, the smog, the skyline, the history, the open spaces and the people. Baz Luhrman wrote “Live in New York City once but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once but leave before it makes you soft” How applicable is that to Joburg and Cape Town? But here is the thing, Joburg did in fact, make me hard. This city made me who I am. I might have grown up in Cape Town, but I became Me, in Joburg. It did make me hard. It also gave me a big fat hard on for life. For adventure.

The days are warming up and as am I to the idea of little weekend adventures. Here is my list of 5 things I want to do in Joburg over the next few weeks.


Play frisbee at Walter Sisulu botanical gardens – I want to take a group of friends, pack some beers and just go and relax.

Cost: R40.00 Per Adult (Entrance fee) + a case of decent beer + a R30.00 Frisbee from the Crazy Store


Hike in Magalies – Shelter Rock. The mountain trail winds 4 km, on the southern slopes of the Magaliesberg rising 400 meters, to the top of the mountain. You walk past a 1000 year old wild olive tree, an iron age village at The Shelter Rock. Doesn’t this just sound amazing?

Cost: Day visitors and hikers: Adults : R70.00 Per Person (Remember your water bottle, sunscreen and hat)

Dinner at Urbanologi – It’s well priced, (rumoured) great food inside a brewery. What more does a girl want?

Bicycle ride in Soweto  – I have been in this city for nearly a decade and I still haven’t done a tour of Soweto. (Gasp, I know) This summer seems like the perfect time to drag Oscar out for some fun on a bicycle.

Cost: R430. 00 Per Person (Includes Lunch)

Hint Hunt (Zen Room) I’ve been lucky enough to do the first room from Hint Hunt (and I LOVED it) I have been dying to go back and do the more difficult room ever since. Puzzles and games excite me probably more than they should but I NEED to take a few mates and conquer the Zen Room next.

Cost: R200.00 Per Person

I hope to tick these off before December. What is on your to-do list in Joburg. Pop me a comment below and let me know.


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