5 things you didn’t think to pack

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Every time we go camping I learn a little more. For instance, pro tip – shower in the evenings when there is still warm water in the ablution blocks.

This year we went on our annual family camping trip to Beaverlac. (Read about our last disastrous trip here) Part of me hopes we will always suck at camping, better stories and all. No one ever says “hey remember that trip we took where nothing went wrong?”

This year I learnt that those sif boere plakkies with the velcro are perfect for camping.  I also learnt that there are snakes in mountain pools. Swimming snakes, no really. Snakes. Read all about this years’ shenanigans here.

Here are my 5 things that I am SUPER glad I packed this time around.

  1. Nail clippers – Listen this baby is GOLD when you are in and out of water, hiking and climbing things for a few days. There are few things as kak as having a hooked nail and no way to chop it off.
  2. Matches – Lighters fail, a box of matches go a long way
  3. Air Mattress Patching Kit – BECAUSE IT SUCKS TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR.
  4. Umbrella – We aren’t the kind of people who own a gazebo for shade. We are way to basic for that. If you are too, take an umbrella. You will look a little crazy but the shade will be OH SO GOOD and others will envy your spot of shade.
  5. Body lotion – Camping in the bush means swimming in mountain pools and rivers, hiking dusty trails and wearing enough sunscreen to squeeze through burglar bars. at the end of the day your skin is so dry it actually itches. My tub of body lotion was handed around the camp fire each night like it was meant to be followed with a box of tissues.

What is your magic item you pack? Tell me in the comment section below.


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