5 things to buy the average traveller for Christmas

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A gift guide for the traveller girl who doesn’t like receiving gifts.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Christmas. In fact the older I get the more I actively dislike it. I don’t put a tree, I don’t decorate anything. For one, I go home to Cape Town for Christmas. But I genuinely dislike the idea of decorating and then having to take everything down again. I am not particularly religious and do not feel connected to that aspect of the whole festive thing. I sound bitter, I know. But I promise I am quite happy. I think getting gifts makes me extremely uncomfortable.

I get immense joy from giving things and I don’t tend to wait for Christmas or Birthdays to give people little things or do or plan something really cool for them.

I am very much into giving people experiences. Tickets to a show they have always wanted to see, passes to do something adventurous. Something that will give them a story to tell.

When it comes to gifts for myself I tend to ask for more practical things. Things I need rather than lust after. Something inside of me feels I need to earn the spoils. Although all gifts are spoils really.

So here goes, in no particular order, 10 things to buy for the traveler in your life who will always tell you they have everything they need.


1.) A Rowdy Bag

I recently bought myself one of their Tote Variations and the leather is so soft and lush.

This light sling would be perfect for holidays where you through in your essentials, sling the bag over and have both hands free to go explore. I reckon your “always on the road” friend would love a simple sleek bag like this.  They come in different leather options. I quite like the blond.

Price: R500

Shop here at ROWDY

2. ) A Custom piece of jewelry

I have always preferred custom made, special pieces over something shiny or blingy. Every piece of jewelry I wear was made for me by a special person in my life. From my beautiful “she believed she could so she did”bracelet to a kidney and a tiny recycle sign and a newly added dainty heartbeat. Custom jewelry has become more affordable and he very talented Janine Binneman team ship all over the country. Why not gift your traveller with a neckless with their favourite town or city name on it. Personally, I would just like a simple long chain for my little saint Christopher charm.

All her work is amazing and they travel the world with me.

Price R400 and up

You can shop at their online store here. 


3.) A bunch of LUSH goodies

I am often up and down on local flights and my skin and hair hate me for it. For your Always-on-the-go friend there is nothing more appealing than running a bath (anywhere but Cape Town) and just relaxing. Lush produces some of the most eco-friendly and well, just plain lush products on the market. They have prepackaged little gift sets that are perfect for picking one up on the way to a festive doo with friends. A little Lush box after a long trip would make me very happy.

R300 and up

You can shop online at LUSH here. 


4.) A Vintage Lover Tshirt


I am a jeans and cool t-shirt kind of girl. I live in them and travel in them and don’t think there is anyone out there who won’t appreciate a cool t-shirt and no one makes cooler ones than Vintage Lover. I am a firm believer that comfort is key when travelling. Why bother with weird button-up shirts and stuffy, frilly things. Just be cool in shirt and jeans or *gasp* leggins and focus more on what you see than getting that perfect Instagram of you looking gorgeous with a view. Just enjoy the view. You will still gorgeous in a killer T and great fitting jeans. I promise.

Price R195 (and many to choose from) I quite like this basic Pink Floyd one.

You can shop here at Vintage Lover online. 


5.) Make a donation in someone’s name


Christmas is a time for giving, rather than receiving. This year why not make a donation to a special cause (there are so many) in someone’s name. This year I will be giving a little something extra to the Organ Donor Foundation. This has been such a monumental part of my year (and still ongoing) and it still frightens me to hear how many of my friends are not registered yet. This is the ultimate gift to give. Life. And I do not mean this in a soppy way. I have experienced first hand what a difference it makes to gift someone a second chance. To watch people get their lives back. This year, even though it doesn’t come wrapped in a pretty box, and thinking about it is uncomfortable. Give hope. Sign up as an organ donor and one day you could give 7 people the ultimate gift.


Price FREE

You can sign up as Organ Donor here.



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