3 Gin Tasting in Cape Town

A couple of years ago a “G&T” was something people in old movies drank and most likely the only gin brand you could name was Gordons.

Craft gin has taken the world by storm and has shown no signs of the trend slowing down just yet. Funnily enough a good gin and tonic has always been a hot day staple for me. I would be lying if I told you it was always Inverroche and Fitch and Leads tonic. It was (and sometimes is) good old Gordons and Schweps. Because, well, I am average and so are my drinks.

Tasting gin has become as popular and natural in Cape Town as going for a wine or beer tasting and boy, the distilleries do not disappoint. Just like every handcrafted liquor, each producer has a cool story and a unique way of serving their product.

For your next sweltering day in and around Cape Town, cool down with a visit and tasting at one of the following distilleries

Pienaar and Son Distilling Company

Where: 1 Roeland Terrace (CUL-DE-SAC JUST OFF ROLAND STR)
Cape Town.


By appointment only: Email only, CLICK HERE TO CONTACT


New Harbour Distillery 

Where: New Harbour Distillery
C/O Victoria Rd & Woodlands Rd
Cape Town

How: by appointment only. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

How much: 
Wednesday to Saturday
Price: R75.00 per person.

Hope on Hopkins

Where: 7 Hopkins Street, Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa

When: Distillery Tasting Room on Saturday afternoons between 12 and 4pm

How: By appointment only, CLICK HERE TO BOOK





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