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Significant places in 2015.

Bellville  – we spent new years in Bellville with family. We laughed, drank and all fell asleep by 1am. It was glorious.


Stellenbosch – We got married after nearly a decade of being together. All our friends and family from all corners of the world made their way to Stellenbosch on the 14th of February to celebrate with us. It was in no uncertain terms, the best day of our lives.





Mauritius – Honeymoon. We stayed at the Bluemarine Hotel and it was 7 days of loafing in paradise. Cocktails in the pool and sunset cruises.






Namibia – we spent Easter with family in Windhoek. We have never felt more at home. A great visit with great people. We cant wait to drive up in the Land Rover next year.




Randfontein – Our home gained photo frames of passed adventures. We became closer with our amazing neighbours  (70 year old couple who takes care of our cats when we are away) It becomes more homely with every passing year.


Joburg – It was a tough year. Late night hospital trips. Naps on waiting room chairs and 1am McDonalds coffee. Weddings and funerals were had. We welcomed children and said goodbye to old friends. Its been the most tiring of year yet. But we made it. We always do.



Nelspruit – We took 120kg biltong to Nelspruit. In a Kia Picanto. Then drove it back. Its a long story. Also everyone in Nelspruit drives a Land Rover discovery.



Bela Bela – We had an unplanned weekend away in Bela Bela. We got in the car and just drove. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel and snuck in on a wildlife auction. It was both scary and fascinating.



Cape Town – I said goodbye to the farm that had been my dream job for 5 years. The farm I thought I would be with for life. Turns out it was a stepping stone. A tweet, an offensive website and a phone call later, I had the opportunity of a lifetime in front of me. I signed the dotted line and began the most challenging project of my career thus far. I cannot wait to share it all with in 2016.




Carletonville – I know its a tiny mining town. I know most you have no clue where this is. But this New Years eve will be spent with some of my favourite humans in this dusty old town. I know it will be fun. It’s the people that make the place you know?


IMG_20150906_152755IMG_20150806_154842  IMG_20151020_172133

I pray 2016 will bring even more exciting things in exciting places.

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Happy new year



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