Who am I?

My name is Lydia

I am a girl from the northern suburbs of Cape Town who went against nature and fell in love with Johannesburg. I work in wine. A subject I am rather passionate about.

I grew up in a house where our atlas was used so often by the time I reached high school it was falling apart. With family scattered all over the globe I am sure traveling is in my blood. Different from most travel writers I consider most things to be an adventure. Even just venturing to undiscovered places in the next town.

Seeing I live miles apart from my family and many good friends this is my blog to them. And everyone else I meet along the way. (This now includes you too. )

I find things, I share them. I eat things, I share them. I use things, I might recommend them. I feel things, I write about it.

Lets go get lost shall we?

WINE 72%
BEER 64%
LIFE 27%
Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog


Join me on my drinks journey. I want to find the best local beers, the most comfy coffee spots and the coolest places to indulge in a good wine.

Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog


Food brings people together. What better way to get to know a place than to pull up and have a bite to eat at the best local spot.

Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog


I have always been a story teller. I love watching peoples faces when I tell the about mad things we got up to or ghost stories about the wine estate. If I can live a life filled with stories, I have lived well.

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The Blog

What you have all been waiting to hear from me.

What you have all been waiting to hear from me.

I think everyone has been waiting to hear from me on this subject.

I don’t like Durban

I don’t like Durban

Ok to be fair, it is gorgeous and the warm water is lovely. Durban didn’t do anything to me. But it has become one of those places you associate with a shit time/event/feeling. You know? When a song reminds you something you simply skip it on your playlist and move on. Durban has now become…

Whats on my face – Durban

Whats on my face – Durban

I have never been a makeup girl. Well, I guess to an extent I am, but less so than friends. Painting my face has never been high on my priority list and I happily leave the house with nothing on my face other than sunscreen. No one wants to read about life being harder recently. (Who…

I am not the best, at anything.

I am not the best, at anything.

Late at night, when I paint my nails and catch up with messages I didn’t get to during the day I get to sit back and marvel at how incredible the people I surround myself with are. The people I cheer on, on a daily basis.

Must have travel bags

Must have travel bags

Travel light, but with the best luggage, you can find. I have learned to travel with a solid mix of basics and frivolous things. I wish that after 6 years of writing a travel blog I can write stories about how well I pack. How I have perfected the art of not packing things I don’t…



Navigation – The process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning and following a route.   I have always been rubbish at following a route. I hate cooking with a recipe and give up half way because it feels like work and I shit you not the actual Maps function on my phone…

What I do

Eat. Drink. Write. Share.

Wine & Vines

From swimming in wine to secret tours on small wine estates and everything in between. Wine and I have a special relationship. I’ll let you in on a few trade secrets.

Craft Beer

Craft beer is exploding onto the scene world wide. I plan on drinking my way through every garage brewers creations and sharing my best finds and stories of the crafters.

Long Haul

Lemon tea on cliffs in Madeira. Getting lost in London. Eating raw bacon and mustard in Germany. Licking buildings in Windhoek and many more tales of travel madness.


Local history and small town museums fascinate me. You find out the most incredible things about your own home town with just a tad of exploration. The town I live in is rumored to have the Kruger Millions buried in it. How exciting!
Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog


I find things, I share them. I eat things, I share them. I use things, I might recommend them. I feel things, I write about it