Would you look at that, its 2015.

I have had one of the best holidays this December I have had in a while and all we did was hang out with my family. Mostly at my Sisters place, she has a pool.

I barely touched my phone let alone do anything on here and I am not one bit sorry about that. A break was due. Much needed actually.

I could write about our trip home but I don’t really want to, I will tell you this though, we drank copious amounts of wine and gin, we swam so often I got a tan, we played ALL THE BOARDGAMES, we debated the fundamentals of physics at one in the morning then ended up star gazing with binoculars at 2am.  And all this was but a drop in the bucket.

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2014 was good to me. To us. I learnt a lot. About people, life, business, cooking & just how far I can stretch myself without snapping. It was a year of adventures, doing things alone I never thought I would. Sharing things with people I thought I could never share. It was the start of great life.

I have no new year’s resolutions to present to you. I don’t smoke and I don’t intend to work out more or eat less yummy things. Instead of telling about all the things I want to do less of, here is a list of things I want to do more of:

  • Drink more wine from all over the world. In SA I am so partial to local I cut my education short by not tasting what the rest of the world has to offer.
  • Read more. Anything really, from Huffington to Times to novels. The more you read the more you have to say. I want to be able to join into any conversation.
  • Make wine more attractive to a younger crowd. Not the I-know-it-all crowd but the I-drink-rose ones, I aim to get you onto good wine this year and leave the pink stuff behind.
  • Listen to more podcasts, do loads of research and attempt to start one.
  • Blog more. Even short random things, this is my space after all, why am I censoring it?
  • Get MARRIED (I had to)
  • Visit at least 2 more countries.
  • Make fudge successfully (and eat it ALL)

I hope you do more things this year.

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