Wine Myth Busters.

Person “So what do you do for a living?”

Me “I am the Marketing Manager for a small wine Estate”


Me “Sigh”

Over the past  7 years of being in this industry (Yes it’s been 7 years) I have heard all the drinking jokes and the “you can hook us up right”. Firstly let me say, I have worked myself up in this industry. I am very proud of that.  Loving what you do makes work easy. But let’s be honest NO ONE loves what they do ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it’s frustrating and just plain pisses you off. From people who do not know how to write professional emails to getting shat on by clients.

So, today I am busting some of the most common one’s I have dealt with. (The technical wine list is much longer)

We don’t drink all day – For some reason people think we can conduct business intoxicated. No, don’t be stupid. We have responsibilities and salaries to earn. Do we occasionally do boozy lunches with clients? Yes, most professional industries do.  Do we sit behind our desks with sippy cups of Cabernet? No.

We don’t have personal access to shit loads of wine – We are responsible for every bottle the cellar produces. It needs to be SOLD for us to get salaries. Stop sending me random charity sponsorship kak. Why would I give you wine if I could sell it? (I know that sounds harsh but charity starts at home and all)

There are cliques – Just like ANY industry. We don’t all just get along.

Its hard work – From the winemaker who has to deal with leaving his family over Easter because it ALWAYS falls in harvest to the viticulturist who is our in the FREEZING WET COLD winters and SWELTERING HOT summers in his kort-broek taking care of his vines. And us in the front office , we offer up weekends, partners birthdays, late nights no one sees and much more in the best interest of the brand.

Shows are not glamorous – You went to a wine show once and saw someone hiding behind their counter for 2 minutes to choke down a sandwich with the no chewing. You remember how you had a wait a second for that person to just put the sandwich down and you were annoyed? Well here’s a little interesting info. Wine/food shows are very expensive to attend. Therefore the farm sends the best they have, usually the Marketing Manager, Wine Maker and Most of the time the MD himself. Shows are open from 10 – 9 and normally last 3 days. We have to be in and set up before 9. You don’t sit for 98% of this day (Hence us wearing REALLY SENSIBLE shoes) Please don’t be rude about us trying to grab a QUICK bite in the 3 minutes there was no one at our stand. We WANT TO SERVE YOU AND MAKE YOU DRINK ALL OUR WINE. Rather crack a joke about it next time.

Rose – generally not a great wine and 70% of time it’s not sweet.  #Justsaying





JC Le Roux – Is not Champagne. Just don’t.





When we go out we don’t always order wine – Like normal humans, we enjoy a good beer too. We are not cheating on wine.





Yes, there are many more things that could be on the list. But this is my peeve list for the day.

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  • The Blessed Barrenness

    LOL! I so related! I work in gaming… as in Playstation… XBOX etc… I get similar responses when I tell people what I do and they all seem to think I can organize them any game for free… it’s just not how it works!
    But, seriously, can you hook me up? 🙂

    May 22, 2014 - 10:32 am Reply
    • greenlydia

      SOMEONE GETS IT! 😉 We show meet up and play and drink.

      May 22, 2014 - 10:39 am Reply
      • The Blessed Barrenness

        I don’t play… but I’m always up for a drink! 🙂

        May 22, 2014 - 10:51 am Reply
  • cupcakemummy

    Not sure how i missed this joke but it did make me laugh. Even I’vr gotten “can’t you draw me up a quick xyz” so I’m startinb to get it. I’ll never ask for wine again 😛

    June 19, 2014 - 3:40 pm Reply

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